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Josef Scharl was born in Munich, Bavaria, the second child of fourteen children on December 9

1910 -1915

Training at the school for decorators in Westenrieder Street/Munich, where Scharl gains also practical experience regarding the restoration of paintings in old churches and castles.

1915 - 1918

Military service. Scharl is wounded, his right arm is paralyzed. His arm is restored in hospital by suture.

1919 - 1921

Studies at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts with professor Angelo Jank and Heinrich von Zügel

1921 - 1924

Begins to work on his own. Marries Magdalena Gruber. Birth of his son Alois on June 8, 1922. First trip to Rome to study the classic masters.

1925 - 1928

Scharl is member of the Munich "Neue Sezession", and participates in their exhibitions. In 1927 he stays in Berlin for several months and paints his first portrait of Albert Einstein.


First individual exhibition at the Juryfreien/Munich (with 37 oil paintings and several drawings; catalogue with 8 pages and 3 illustrations). Wins the Albrecht Dürer award of the city of Nuremberg.


Receives the Prix-de-Rome and an award of the city of Munich. First stay in Paris.


Second trip to Rome. Individual exhibitions at the German Academy in Rome and at the Graphic Cabinet J.B Neumann/Munich. Receives a Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts/Munich.


Second, longer stay in Paris. Second individual exhibition at Günther Franke in the Graphic Cabinet J.B. Neumann/Munich. Receives the sponsoring prize of the city of Essen.


First individual exhibiton at Neumann/Nierendorf Gallery in Berlin (Karl and Josef Nierendorf)


Individual exhibition at Kunstzaal van Lier/Amsterdam. Second individual exhibition with new paintings at Nierendorf Gallery in Berlin. Special exhibition at the Neuen Pinakothek/Munich. Scharl’s works of art are represented in the first exhibition of so-called "Degenerate Art" on the occassion of the Nazi party convention in Nuremberg. Scharl is mentioned in the press by name.


Exhibition in the Graphic Cabinet Günther Franke/Munich with F. Faist


Trips to Switzerland. End of December he travels to New York to his sister. He never returns to Germany.


First individual exhibition at Nierendorf Gallery in New York. Starts his correpondence with Albert Einstein.


Individual exhibitions at University of Louisville/Kentucky and Nierendorf Gallery/New York

1944 - 1945

Kurt Wolff publishes in his publication house PANTHEON BOoks the first English total edition of Grimm‘s Fairy Tales with 212 illustrations by Josef Scharl (three editions in one year!). Individual exhibition at the Pinacotheca/New York, the Museum of Modern Art/San Francisco, at the Nierendorf Gallery /Hollywood. Exhibition of drawings at the M.W. Proctor Institute/Utica. Exhibition of illustrations to Grimm’s Fairy Tales at the Nierendorf Gallery /New York, at the M.H. de Young Museum/San Francisco and at Denver Art Museum. 1945 Adalbert Stifters "Bergkristall" with 17 illustrations by Josef Scharl is published at PANtheon Books. Karl Nierendorf publishes the first monography about Josef Scharl with texts written by Alfred Neumeyer: Josef Scharl. Nierendorf Editions/New York. Scharl begins to visit Albert Einstein in Princeton.


Individual exhibition at Nierendorf Gallery/New York and at Clasing Gallery/Münster (Otto Schmidt collection).


Exhibition of 50 drawings to the Old and the New Testament at Nierendorf Gallery /New York. Exhibition of temperas and drawings at Kunsthaus Beisel/Karlsruhe.


Individual exhibition of new paintings at J.B. Neumann, New Art Circle/New York. Exhibition of temperas and drawings from the USA at Badischen Kunstverein/Karlsruhe and at Günther Franke Gallery/Munich. Exhibition of oil paintings at Central Art Collecting Point/Munich.

1950 - 1952

Individual exhibition at Heidelberger Kunstverein, Kunstverein Cologne, at School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Boston. Drawings at The Little Gallery/Princeton. Scharl rejects a professorship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

1952 - 1953

Stays in Switzerland for five months (Versoix, Coppet, Genf), where his son Alois visits him in April 1953


Exhibition of his works of art up to 1938 at the Pavillon Alter Botanischer Garten/Munich. Individual exhibitions at Georges Moos Gallery/Genf and at Dr. Otto Kallir, Gallery St. Etienne/New York. Scharl is seriously ill in December and is confined to bed for two months.


Exhibition of his graphic works of art at Pavillon Alter Botanischer Garten/Munich. Exhibition of temperas and drawings at Gallery St. Etienne/New York. On December 6 Josef Scharl dies of heart failure in New York


Commemorative exhibition at Gallery St. Etienne/New York


Exhibition of drawings at Kunstverein of Chautauqua/New York


Individual exhibition at Gallery St. Etienne/New York


Individual exhibition at Barnard College,
Columbia University /New York


Commemorative exhibition to the 10th day of his death at Nierendorf Gallery/Berlin. Catalogue:
Kunstblätter of Nierendorf gallery, KBL no. 3


Publication: Josef Scharl: 50 drawings to the Old and the New Testament (Econ publishing house) with an introduction by Aloys Greither. Commemorative exhibition to his 70th birthday at Nierendorf gallery /Berlin. Catalogue: Special Catalogue of Nierendorf gallery, SK no. 6

1967 - 1968

Exhibition made available by Nierendorf Gallery with oil paintings, temperas, drawings and graphic works of art by Scharl from all creative periods. This exhibition travelled to: Städtisches Museum/Wiesbaden, Städtisches Museum/Trier, Kunstverein/Heidelberg, Alex Vömel Gallery/Düsseldorf, Städtisches Gustav-Lübcke-Museum/Hamm and Kunstverein/Herford.


Individual exhibition at Dorothee Carus-Isserstedt,
Carus Gallery/New York


Publication: Josef Scharl: Requiem-Zyklus, published by Günther Franke and Pharma Bayer/Leverkusen with texts by Alois Greither. Overview of his works of art at the Günther Franke Gallery /Munich (with catalogue). Exhibition of the oil paintings acquired in New York at Nierendorf Gallery/Berlin. Catalogue: KBL no. 24


Exhibition of temperas and drawings from all periods at Nierendorf Gallery/Berlin. Catalogue: KBL no. 29

1976 - 1977

Exhibition of 94 oil paintings at Museum am Ostwall/Dortmund and at Saarland-Museum/Saarbrücken with catalogue.


Individual exhibition at Hermeyer Gallery/Munich


Work of art by Josef Scharl from a Munich private collection at Stadtsparkasse Schwanthaler Straße/Munich. Exhibition of drawings at Rose Lörch Gallery/Munich. Comprehensive presentation of his complete works of art at Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus/Munich with catalogue published by Prestel-Verlag with texts by Aloys Greither and Armin Zweite.


Individual exhibition at Hermeyer Gallery /Munich. Exhibition of oils, temperas and drawings from three decades at Nierendorf Gallery/Berlin. Catalogue: Special Catalogue of Nierendorf gallery, SK no. 16.


Individual exhibition at Hagemeier Gallery/Frankfurt am Main


Individual exhibition at Nierendorf Gallery/Berlin. Catalogue:
KBL no. 52


Individual exhibition at Gemäldegalerie Neue Meister/Dresden


Individual exhibition at Hagemeier Gallery in Frankfurt am Main

1996 - 1997

Individual exhibition at Nierendorf Gallery/Berlin. Catalogue:
KBL no. 60


Individual exhibition at Axel Harmstorf Gallery/Munich

1999 - 2000

Individual exhibition at Kunsthalle in Emden, Sinclair-Haus in Bad Homburg von der Höhe and at Leopold-Hoesch-Museum/Düren with cataogue/book: Andrea Firmenich (Ed.) "Josef Scharl. Monography and Catalogue raisonné.", Wienand Verlag,
Cologne, 1999


Josef Scharl. 50 oil paintings to the 50th year of his death. Individual exhibition at Nierendorf Gallery/Berlin. Catalogue:
KBL no. 75